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Finder, Volume 8 Review

Copyright: Finder no Mitsuyaku © 2016 Ayano Yamane

WARNING: This article covers an adult title and may cause offense. May also contain spoilers from earlier volumes.

“A photograph is neither

• April 10, 2017
Manga Review

Love Stage!! Volume 1

It’s tough to be the younger son of a gorgeous model turned actress and a singer/talent agency CEO, especially when your older brother Shogo is the lead singer in a world-famous rock group. And…

• June 25, 2015
Manga Review

Crimson Spell Volume 1

 “Of the myriad of monsters I have seen, none have been as beautiful as this one.”

The capital of the Kingdom of Alsvieth is under attack by demons, so young Prince Valdrigr of Alsvieth, desperate…

• January 4, 2014