Amagami SS Plus Review
Anime Review

Amagami SS Plus Review

Amagami SS Plus Review

“What the world really needs is more love and less paperwork.” – Pearl Bailey

Amagami SS Plus once again follows lovelorn Junichi Tachibana across six different storylines in which he …

• June 27, 2017
Amagami SS Review
Anime Review

Amagami SS Review

Amagami SS Review

“Love is the gross exaggeration of the difference between one person and everyone else.” – George Bernard Shaw

Amagami SS is an adaptation of a harem-themed dating simulation game. There…

• May 17, 2017
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Absolute Duo Review

Welcome to Koryo Academy, a high school where students are trained to be future peace keepers by utilizing the power of Blaze; the ability to manifest one’s soul into the shape of a weapon, …

• April 20, 2017
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Trinity Seven

Arata Kusaga’s life changes when the sun turns black and his world (ours?)  – and his beloved cousin Hijiri – are swallowed up by the Breakdown Phenomen. Gifted with a grimoire by Hijiri,…

• October 19, 2016
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Kiss Him, Not Me! Volumes 5 & 6

“Serinuma-san is my girlfriend. And I won’t let you make a pass at her!” Asuma Mutsumi to Kazuma Mutsumi

High school! The happiest days of your life – but not always for fujoshi Kae Serinuma,…

• September 3, 2016
Manga Review

Kiss Him, Not Me! Volume 1

Who decided the prince should be with the princess?

We’ve all (probably) been there, haven’t we? Our favourite character in a TV series is suddenly – and without warning – killed off.…

• November 1, 2015
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Outbreak Company

“I’m still a geek on the inside, that’s the important thing.” – ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic

This is a series that has seemingly passed everyone at AUKN by.…

• October 26, 2015
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Nisekoi: False Love Volume 2

Episodes 11-20

If only Raku Ichijo could remember what really happened ten years ago (he was only a five-year-old at the time, so he can be forgiven if his memories are a little vague) he’s certain…

• October 23, 2015
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Nisekoi: False Love Volume 1

Episodes 1-10

Although high schooler Raku Ichijo is the son and heir to a yakuza clan, he’s happy to make breakfast for all his father’s men every day – he’s that kind of a guy. But his father…

• October 19, 2015
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The Ambition of Oda Nobuna

Present-day high-school student (and keen gamer) Yoshiharu Sagara finds himself bang in the middle of a fierce Warring States battle. A dying warlord (none other than Hideyoshi Toyotomi) begs…

• April 15, 2015
Manga Review

Witchcraft Works Volume 1

“Ah, fire: scourge of Prometheus, toaster of marshmallows, eradicator of dead wood.” – Sideshow Bob, The Simpsons.

Some people say it is best to fight fire with fire. In Witchcraft

• November 13, 2014
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Cat Planet Cuties

When I go into these kind of shows, I expect fan service and a somewhat simple plot but Cat Planet Cuties attempts to add a bit more to the formula, injecting more action/sci-fi into the mix. While…

• January 15, 2014
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Mayo Chiki!

“I love those decadent wenches who do so trouble my dreams.” – Rembrandt.

There are plenty of fan-service filled anime out there, most of which vary in quality. If you are making…

• May 14, 2013