Escaflowne The Movie Review
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Escaflowne The Movie Review

Escaflowne The Movie Review
Escaflowne the Movie uses the same characters, mecha and world as the well-loved TV series – but to tell a more direct, fantasy-by-the-numbers story. Redeemed by a wonderful soundtrack and impressive visuals, it still manages to cast a distinctive spell of its own.
• September 18, 2017
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Nobunaga the Fool Part 2 Review

Episodes 14-24  

The warriors of the Western and Eastern Star battle on to determine who will be the Saviour King to rule them all and to bring about the coming of the Holy Grail. Jeanne Kaguya d’Arc,…

• November 20, 2016
Anime Review

Captain Earth Volume 2

Episodes 14-25

“They are a magnetic levitation high mobility Impactor set to chaotic mode.” 

The indestructible Kill-T-Gang and the Designer Children, under the command of Setsuna/Lady…

• October 14, 2015
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009 Re:Cyborg

All across the world, unnamed terrorists have been destroying skyscrapers and causing death on an unimaginable scale. Seventeen-year-old Joe Shimamura, influenced by ‘His Voice’, is…

• September 19, 2015
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Knights of Sidonia

“What is it that haunts space where matter is found?” – Arthur Eddington.

The year is 3394 A.D. A thousand years have passed since a race of gigantic aliens known as the …

• September 8, 2015
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Captain Earth Volume 1

‘When I opened the door called truth, my childhood ended. It was a summer I could never forget.’

High school student Daichi returns to Tanegashima Island (where his father died working for…

• August 11, 2015
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Broken Blade

Science fantasy mecha shows honestly aren’t as common as you might expect. When looking across the genre as a whole, just what notable titles stand out? Escaflowne, no doubt. Aura Battler

• March 8, 2015
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In 2020, the world finds itself governed by the GGP, a tyrannical global dictatorship that has wrested control from the world’s leaders, enforcing order with an iron fist. Against this…

• February 27, 2015